Creating Space For What?

I’ve been applying technology to problems for more than 35 years, from a government contractor to Princeton University to Sun Microsystems to major pharmaceutical companies. I’ve had the benefit of people who created space for my new ideas and also pushed me into open spaces where I was able to grow personally and professionally.

A critical mass of professional associates told me “Write a book!” (something I have repeatedly sworn I won’t do again). Of course, that epiphany came after I had outlined three different books on management, technology disruption and organizations. So here we are: serialized in a newsletter, rather than in a book.

The ideas are evolving as they form their own spaces in public, and I’m sharing them for feedback and observations.

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Creating space for technology adoption, technologists, problem solving, career growth, and the personal connections to move through those spaces


Technology and pharmaceutical industry executive, ice hockey coach, bass player, wielder of soldering irons, horrible golfer