May her memory be a blessing

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Hello Hal,

I am sorry for your loss of your "Czech" mom. With her, I assume, a lot of cultural knowledge disappeared.

I was, however, amused by your comment about only the Czechs enjoying slivovitz. My family has roots in Slovenia, and we have the same traditional plum brandy (about 150 proof) and even use the same Slavic word for it. Good alcohol is a terrible thing to restrict to one group.

And, for good gingerbread, you may want to check out the new and improved Lehr's German import store in San Francisco's Noe Valley. The new owner promised to procure really good stuff for the season soon.

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Oooohhhh. I find the Czech varities range from true old school pernicky (very honey and peppery flavored) to more "Alpenbrot" -- but I love it all! And thanks for the slivovitz history. Plum brandy and peach brandy seem to be the drinks of the Pale of Settlement.

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